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PriorityHR simplifies your employment processes so you can keep your focus on business growth. Our goal is to give you back the time and energy you currently spend on hiring, benefit management, workers’ compensation, payroll, and other employee-related tasks. We work with you to maintain control while alleviating the burden of employee-related administrative tasks so you’re free to concentrate on your customers, products and services. 

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What is a Co-Employer?

As an employer, you’re 100% liable for your employees. When you work with PriorityHR, several of your human resource tasks and employer liability are absorbed, giving you time to focus on what matters—and you still have complete control over your workforce and business operations. What changes is that you’ve minimized your risks by sharing employee liability with PriorityHR.

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Does the Affordable Care Act (ACA) apply to my business?

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Yes it does. There is a misunderstanding that if you have less than 50 employees… Wether you have 2 employees or 1000 you must comply with the Affordable care act. We can help you navigate compliance.

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